Career as a X-ray technician

 I am here today to talk to you about the career as an X-ray Technologist. I’ll be giving you some background on what it is to be an X-ray Tech, what you need to do to become one and the different areas of where you could be working one day if you do take the program. X-ray Technologist is a person who takes images of the inside of your body. Whether it’s the bones, your organs, blood vessels… All different types of procedures that we can do to visualize what we can’t see with the naked eye.
 This is an image of a wrist! Some of you who have had X-ray may have done this. And broken your wrist snowboarding, skateboarding, very common injuries. Very common injury for that type of sports or activities. An X-ray Technologist would’ve been the person who took the images for your Doctor so that he could see how badly it’s broken, where it’s broken to put on the cast. To fix it!
 This is an image of a fluoroscopic study which is an image of the organs on the inside. So this is a stomach. And the first part of your small bowel. X-ray Technologist would also be involved in a study. For example: if you go to the Doctor, you have a sore stomach, you don’t know why. They may be sending you to us to drink… As anybody had that special drink? Where they have this kind a choky liquid? What it does is it actually allows us to visualize your stomach, large bowel, small bowel on X-ray to see if there’s something going on that the Doctor needs to fix. To make you feel better.