A Day in the Life of a Radiology Technician

 After going through the rigorous and equally demanding radiology program, and surviving the clinical sessions and licensing as well, stepping into the spotlit alone without the watching eyes of teachers can be scary at first although very exciting indeed. While thinking that one of the marvels of modern-day medicine, is the ability to see inside the human body without any surgery or other invasive procedures, it becomes very exciting indeed to be part of the action in as many instances or such occasions as is possible. Being an expert who operates this state-of-the-art equipment, makes me proud of myself as I position patients to get the most accurate image I can get for their medical conditions.

 The day normally starts with instructions from physicians or other specialists like cardiologists, to image certain parts of a patient's body. While patients might be anxious about the procedure and ask several genuine and valid questions, it is the responsibility of the radiology technician to assure them that they are under great care and don't have to worry about the procedure without exceeding their boundaries. It is during these times that I extensively use my social skills to get the work done in time without deviating from the real issue at hand, as many patients tend to ask questions that only their physicians or other specialists can answer with great precision.