X-ray, mammography, MRI, CT scans

A radiology technician can also be a mammographer, do mammograms. Which is specialized imaging of the breast. So if anyone here has a mother or sister, aunt, grandmother who has a history of breast cancer definitely they have had a mammogram done. And some of them may have had them done without having cancer, just to check, to see, for baseline examinations. And that would have been done as well by an X-ray tech.

An X-ray technologist also does CT scanning. So if you’ve been involved in a car accident it’s a very common… type of event that we would be doing CT scanning for. So that we can see what has been damaged internally. We also take specialized imaging of the vessels in the body. The blood vessels, the arteries, vanes, heart and an R-Ray technologist would also be involved in those types of studies.
Some radiologic technologists go on to become MRI Technologists and they could be taking MRI. That’s an MRI of the brain. Or, they can go on to Ultrasound. They could be doing images of the unborn child of the expected parents.