Day in the Life of a Radiologic Technologist

Is everyday basically the same? What do you think? No! No day at the hospital or at the clinic is going to be anything the same as the day before. It all depends on the weather, it all depends on, you know, how many parties went on that weekend. Who knows? How many fights broke out at the bar that weekend? There’s a lot of different things that can actually take part in how busy we are, what types of patients we see and just how crazy it can get. So it all depends on, and it doesn’t matter where you are, you could be at a clinic you could be at a hospital. Doesn’t matter. Every day is different! You never know what’s going to walk through the door. So lots of variety.

How much of your day is spent working with other people? Well, all day! Everyday! We work with Doctors, we work with the Nurses on the wards. When we go up to the wards to actually take these images of the patients. And in the department too. We have clerical staff that answer the phones for us and as well as on the wards. We have to talk to them all the time as well. Colleagues, our own… our peers within the department as well as colleagues at other sites. We also have to be able to deal with the family of the patient or the patient’s family. A lot of times we have to communicate with them. Sometimes it’s a language barrier, sometimes we need them to help us translate what we need the patient to do, like hold their breath. Sounds very simple? But not everybody knows what we’re talking about when we say that. So we sometimes have to use the family member or we physically will actually show them. This is what we want you to do. And, of course, the patients. Those are the most important people that we deal with every day.