Types of Work Environments

What are the different areas that you can actually work as a radiology technician? There’s really about two basic types of environments. There’s the hospital, at which there’s a variety, when it comes down to just the hospital setting. Rural hospitals, community hospitals within the city and some place like the Health Sciences Center, which is a trauma center, so we see a lot of critical cases coming through there. Or a clinic. So a clinic would be, you know, if you go to the Doctor’s office they give you a requisition, say go down stairs to the clinic and have a chest X-ray done. That would be your clinic situation. The clinic type of environment.

So at the hospital, you can see emergency patients. This is an image of a patient, of a resuscitation room at a site where there’s more than one critical patient and you can see – I don’t have a pointer on this on this. Here is an X-ray machine, it’s a portable machine that we can bring to the patient and take the images at the bedside, so they don’t have to come to us when they are that critical. We also have the in-patients. Those patients that are in-house, in the hospital, they come to us in the department, in the X-ray department or we go to them. In the hospital we also see the out-patients that come from the clinics within the hospital or off-site. And those I call the walking patients. They’re the ones that can walk in the room, pretty much do what you need them to do before it and them they’re on their way. And then we also have the special procedures, which I sort of touched base about already.

At the medical clinic, they see the out-patient. The walking patient, the majority of them come walking on their own and they don’t need a lot of assistance. Whereas the patients in the hospital need more assistance than the typical walking patient.