Career Advice

Pursuing a career is significant investment of time and money, so really investigate whether this is what you want to do. Research the career to ensure it matches your goals and values and also realistically assess your strengths and weaknesses to determine if it fits. Do you like working with people? Are you OK with working with the sick? You have to be able to work with sick people. And arrange time to job shadow a radiology tech. If you’re from a High School go to your guidance counselor. If you’re interested in coming for a job shadow let them know. I do it all the time. I have students coming from different High Schools that come and job shadow one of our Techs or I take them around the department and get them to see what we really do. It’s one thing to listen to me talk and tell you what I do on a daily basis but something completely different to actually see it in action. So I highly recommend that.

I always wanted to be in the medical field but I didn’t what to be a Doctor, I didn’t want to put in the hours and I didn’t want to be a nurse so I went looking and this is what I found. I thought: Oh yeah! It’s Radiology! Those are kind of cool. Taking pictures of bones and other stuff. But once I got into the program and I actually gone to the floor, I’m working with patients and talking to people and dealing with that type of environment, I really love it. I can’t say that I don’t love my job. I love caring for people and that’s to me, I like being part of the solution to the problem. And that’s really what you are. You are part of the solution to the problem. That patient has something wrong. You are part of the solution to how they’re going to get cared for to make them better.