What is necessary in the future?

Do I have experience in other occupations or volunteer positions? Well, I’ll admit! I worked in the retail sector for a while when I was a teenager. I worked in New York for five years when I was in high school. I have to admit working in retail definitely helps because you learn how to work with people, how to work with management, how to deal with customers which actually take it into working with patients. Because really they are a costumer. We don’t call them that but that’s really what they are. I also used to teach Ukrainian dance for many years, just dealing with different ages of people because we do have the children’s hospital as well. You have to learn how to deal with kids, different personalities, how to resolve conflict. When you’ve got two kids in your group that don’t want to dance together or talk to each other, well guess what? I’ve got two students over here that don’t want to talk to each other or work together either, so it’s helped me in that regard.

What changes have I seen? It’s dramatic! The changes that have happened the last five to ten years in radiology alone are huge. We’ve gone from processing film, which is taking that hard copy, putting it through the machine, going through all the different chemicals, through the drying station and coming out on the other side so that we can put it up on a view box to look at. We don’t do that anymore. It’s gone! We’re all digital. This is an example of one of the rooms we have at the Health Sciences Center. It’s a digital room, there’s no film. Nothing! Everything is within the system itself and within minutes after taking the – actually it’s not even minutes, it’s seconds! – after taking your exposure you’ve got an image coming up on the screen. So much faster! So much quicker to put patients through. But again, it’s a computer, there are many days I which I could go back to the old way of doing things because it didn’t breakdown as often as the computer does. But it definitely… we are moving forward. CT is constantly changing. We can’t keep up. MRI is the same. They’re always thinking of different ways, newer ways. Less dose to the patient, safer, it’s constantly, constantly changing.