Education Sponsorship

Costs! These again are estimates. Year one and year two are the same, it’s 3724 for both years. The books and supplies are $2800 but those books apply to both years. It’s not, I need 2800 dollars’ worth of books in year one and I need another 2800 dollars’ worth of books in year two. They apply to both. So you use the same books all the way through. Other fees. Year one there is a $200 fee for uniforms because you do wear scrubs when you’re working as an X-ray Tech and as a student. And year two there’s that ARRT national exam, it does have a cost. It’s a big one, it’s $900. So you only want to write it once. You get four chances! If you don’t pass at the first time, you have four chances to write it, but you only want to write it once because it’s $900 a pop. So every time you go to write, it’s another $900. Why is it so expensive? Someone always wants to know that. Because we actually pull people from across the country into Ottawa once a year to write these exams, I’m one of those people. So, it is a big cost involved through the national association to do that. And the books purchased, again like I said, in year one will be used in both years.

As well, there are the RSNA or the Radiological Society of North America, also has an education sponsorship in return of service program that they offer to students who are willing to work in a rural site once they leave the program. This only applies to the rural sites. Through their education sponsorship in return of service program for those rural, northern NY. Accepted students will receive a reimbursement for tuition and books for the 2-year diploma program, which is approximately that $8500. Provide any additional cross-training – and I’ll talk about that in just a minute – that is required and guarantee full time employment upon completion of the program in exchange for 3-year return of service commitment in a rural or northern facility. So, this is definitely an option if it is something that you’re considering coming into X-ray. And this is looking, you know, very nice to you and you are ok with working in a rural community outside after you graduate, you can definitely visit RSNA’s website and you will be able to get all the information from there. The cross-training that’s mentioned in there, a lot of the sites are so small that they don’t always have a laboratory Technologist and an X-ray Technologist at the same time working there, just because of staffing. So what they do is they do cross-train radiology technician to do very basic lab tests and lab Technologists to do very basic X-ray exams. So that they can have one person who can stay there and do both jobs at the same time. So that is where that cross-training comes in. It’s only offered through RSNA.