General Radiology Room

  These are just a couple of images of a general radiology room. And a couple of examples of patients being in that room with the technologist. The first image is actually a technologist positioning a patient for a chest X-Ray and the second one is an image of a technologist positioning a patient for an abdomen X-Ray. So you can see, sometimes we have them standing, sometimes the patients are lying down, sometimes we have them sitting at the end of that table to just put their hand out for us.
 This is a CT scanner so it’s still an X-ray machine but it’s much different. That table that the patient is lying on moves in and out. Those of you who have had a CT scan know what’s that all about. You lye down, they zoom you into this big doughnut, take the pictures, zoom you back out, so you’re all done. Takes about five minutes up to fifteen minutes depending on what kind of scan you’re having done.

This is a mammography unit. So those specialized images for the breast. Those patients who may have cancer of the breast or already do. This is the type of equipment that they would be using for that.

This is an angiographic suite or interventional suite. There’s actually two machines that are used at the same time. One that’s coming from the top of the patient, one from the side so they can take more than one set of… one series… more than one series of images at a time.